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MicroManaged Media, Inc. is a Small Business Search Engine Marketing Company

MicroManaged Media, Inc. is a search engine marketing company specializing in marketing for plumbing contractors and heating and air conditioning contractors. However, we have dentist, lawyer and pest control websites in our portfolio as well as an extensive advertising network for nutritional supplements.

Owned and managed by MicroManaged Media, Inc., we got our start marketing weight loss and anti-aging supplements on the internet in November, 2002. After incredible success in that field, we decided that our skills would be best employed helping small businesses compete with the corporate gients that seem to rule the web. Think of us as David and we are going to slay, or at least compete with, the Goliaths of the world on your behalf.

It can be done and for a very reasonable cost. We keep in mind that the average plumber, air conditioning contractor or dentist just doesn’t have a mega dollar budget, can’t afford trial and error and probably has been taken advantage of by other, so called, SEO companies. We say “so called”, because very few of them made a great living selling a product or service on the internet before they became search engine marketing experts. Well, we did. And now we’ll do it for you, too.

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